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"The Last of Us" by: BlueUndine

[uncolored version here]

This is so gorgeous in color *_* 

make me choose: Ellie (The Last Of Us) or Lara Croft (Tomb Raider 2013)

"Another unfinished piece from my art show last year. Inspired by the game "Last of Us." Imma tighten a little further and throw it in the shop soon. Ink wash on heavy watercolor paper."

By: ncwintersart

You either hang onto your morals and die, or do everything you need to survive


"The Last of Us Artifacts Get the Real World Treatment"



Make Me Choose : palavan asked: Tess or Maria?
"Lady? You must be thinking of someone else."

my heart


Choose Meme: Ellie or and Joel  → asked by klc-journei

Make Me Choose Meme | Anonymous asked: Tess or Sarah?

"Please… don’t do this to me…"