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…I swear.

…I swear.

I’ve gone away but I’ve got you in my heart
all frozen and scarred

this is the day foretold till death do us part

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What was the most emotional moment for you?
fuckyeahthelastofus fuckyeahthelastofus Said:

I think the most emotional moment for me was during fall when Ellie and Joel had the argument in the girl’s bedroom.  When Joel said “you’re right, you’re not my daughter and I sure as hell ain’t your dad”, I felt really sad for Ellie.

After I played Left Behind I went back to this scene in my head, and the whole “you have no idea what loss is” line really struck a chord with me and meant more once playing Left Behind and seeing Ellie experience (probably) one of the biggest losses in her life.

Ellie just didn’t want to be left alone, no matter how tough she acted the whole time… that was heartbreaking to me.  I just felt like she didn’t want Joel to give up on her… I know what feeling like that is like, so I could relate and it hit home for me.

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"The Last of Us: Spring" by: MasterCheefs