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The Last of Us

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"Clicker Cosplay" by: pbjeveryday

"Clicker Cosplay" by: pbjeveryday

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This winter has been especially cruel….”

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The Last of Us ⇢ SUMMER : "Bye-bye, dude!"

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do you think ellie and riley are more than friends? i got a kind of "strained romantic relationship" vibe from that trailer.

Asked by Anonymous

Not one bit, and it bothers me a little that some people actually took it that way! They’re young and young kids are playful.  Plus, if you’re in a situation where you literally only have one person by your side, you’re going to be naturally close(r) with them/have a stronger bond than usual.

That’s just my personal opinion on it.

(unrated-g: ”Like… I’m not ruling it out, but it IS perfectly normal for two people of the same sex to be close and intimate without it being romantic or sexual. Friendship people.”)

^ perfectly said

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Following its strong showing in Game of the Year awards industry-wide, all eyes have turned towards the future of The Last of Us. And that would be The Last of Us: Left Behind, the upcoming story-driven epilogue written by TLOU scribe Neil Druckmann and starring Ashley Johnson as Ellie and Yaani King as Riley, Ellie’s older and arguably wiser friend.” []

The Last of Us: Left Behind Interview

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"Set before Joel and Ellie meet in The Last of Us, Left Behind will focus strongly on Ellie and Riley, adding intriguing new wrinkles to Ellie’s future relationship with Joel, as well as immersive details about the game’s decaying world.

With the DLC due out February 14th, we caught up with Ashley and Yaani to learn more about what makes Left Behind tick.” []

The Last of Us: Left Behind Trailer