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Meeting Bruce for the first time was a surreal experience; he had no idea about my blogs or who I was, so I gave him the rundown on what I do; he looked at my business card and enthusiastically said “FUCK YEAH UNCHARTED!” as it should be read and I laughed.  He was super sweet and awesome and before I could kindly ask for a smaller version of a signed poster to giveaway, he said “here, I’m going to give you one of these!” and pulled out one of the larger TLOU posters that were saved for cosplayers and signed it for me.  I was shocked and grateful and he thanked me and I thanked him back.

Not only did he give me one of these, but he also provided me a signed smaller version as well.  I couldn’t have been happier walking away from that, feeling settled that he knew who I was, and receiving a large poster from him as a thank you.

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