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IGN posted an article for the voice actors and that it might have a connection to the game Enslaved. Interesting stuff.

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"Naughty Dog has revealed that double Oscar-winner Gustavo Santaolalla is composing the music for upcoming PS3-exclusive The Last Of Us.

The news came during a presentation at the studio’s Santa Monica HQ on Monday, where the full version of the game’s main theme - a section of which features at the end of the reveal trailer - was played to press.

“He’s awesome,” said Neil Druckmann, creative director and writer on The Last Of Us. “He picks and chooses what he works on; he could work on all these big movies. We brought him in here, showed him the game, walked him through the whole story and what we’re trying to do, and he said ‘I want to be a part of this’.” []

Zombies. Post-apocalypse. Two of the more popular themes for the industry in recent years.

The list of titles using at least one of these topics is long, and The Last of Us, the next game from Uncharted developer Naughty Dog takes cues from both fields. Arguably then, the game’s starting point is not particularly original.

But if you ask the developers, that’s not so important. What is is that no-one has yet managed to make a game that gets the heart of these topics right. In games, it’s typical to see large explosions, several severed limbs and plentiful blood splatter. Yet what makes the stories, like those in 28 Days Later or The Road, so exciting is not zombie outbreak or deserted landscapes. They’re just background, giving rise to the real drama - character-driven story about the protagonists’ development.” []


French cover for the PlayStation magazine. January 2012.


French cover for the PlayStation magazine. January 2012.


The Last of Us (Edge Magazine February 2012)


EDGE #237 (The Last Of Us)


The Last of Us - Game Informer

Evan Wells of Naughty Dog shows part of the trailer running on a PS3 devkit.

Environment concept art and editing together trailers and cut-scenes.