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Troy Baker & Ashley Johnson/Joel & Ellie » The Last of Us (2012-2013)

"If you’ve spotted the assassin Kai Leng in Mass Effect 3, roamed the streets of Steelport spitting hot lead and one-liners as the voice of ‘Male Caucasian 1’ in Saints Row: The Third, or pillaged dungeons with the Scoundrel as your ally in Diablo 3, you’re familiar with the industry’s newest voice actor all star: Troy Baker.

Before his voice was featured in countless big budget video games, Baker’s career was focused on music, playing in the indie-rock band Tripp Fontaine. Though Baker says music “came naturally” to him, he knew his life would revolve around some form of entertainment. “I knew from when I left my mother’s womb that I was going to be a performer,” Baker tells Joystiq.” []

- Troy Baker, the industry’s “new” Nolan North

hi, beautiful people


Favourite People: Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson
"Beautiful... and talented... and Troy."

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Ashley Johnson Exclusive Interview - Eurogamer [x]

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This is amazing!
The sort of imagination you have to have in order to execute this level of acting is incredible.


The Last of Us: Characters

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