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Naughty Dog On Move Support For The Last Of Us

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Edited trailer with the main theme composed by Gustavo Santaolalla

(submitted via miquel)

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The Last of Us Trailer: Dead Island Remix [IGN]

"One of the biggest trailers of 2011 was Dead Island. The advertisement for the zombie game featured a haunting tune playing over the last moments of terrified family’s life. It set the Internet on fire. Last week, the trailer for The Last of Us debuted and featured a similar, serious vibe and even a slo-mo part. We decided to mash-up the two touching trailers. Enjoy.” []

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Based in the same universe as the upcoming game “The Last of Us” Us follows a group of people trying to escape Quarantined Boston from a spreading infection. Music: “Message From Ravenholm” by Hoth System. Download it here http://soundcloud.com/mikefavata

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The Last of Us - Presentation


Naughty Dog’s Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann talk us through some of the work that went into creating the teaser trailer for The Last of Us and the underlying concept.

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Here’s my fan vid of The Last of Us!

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PlayStation Access TV Episode 17 (by PlaystationAccess)

Here’s something that’s sure to give you that Friday feeling – Episode 17 of Access TV is now available on YouTube complete with mega PS3 exclusive The Last of Us as game of the week. The team flew out to Naughty Dog towers in Santa Monica to bring you exclusive access to PS3′s most talked about game of 2012, including interviews with creative director Neil Druckmann and game director Bruce Straley.

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The Last of Us - Behind the Scenes [Trailer]

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Watch The Last of Us trailer from a whole new perspective with this behind the scenes motion capture footage of the trailer. It’s always a treat to witness these mocap performances, it’s like watching sausage being made — only without the gross.

For comparison, here’s the final product.