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IGN posted an article for the voice actors and that it might have a connection to the game Enslaved. Interesting stuff.

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“It’s the little things that count:  Ellie finds 3 bullets and is happy about it, hinting at the survival aspect of the game.”

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It’s the little things that count:  Ellie finds 3 bullets and is happy about it, hinting at the survival aspect of the game.”

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Edited trailer with the main theme composed by Gustavo Santaolalla

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"A bunch of wallpapers I´ve made for iphone and computer, you can download the entire collection hereEnjoy it ;)

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IGN Trailer Rewind: The Last of Us

"Here is the IGN Rewind for The Last of Us trailer. A lot of it we already know, but I enjoy getting their insights on some of the things I’d miss even if I watched the trailer 100 times."

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Today on the Game Critics Awards website, it has been revealed that The Last of Us has been nominated FOUR times for Game Critics Awards 2012!

And already! With only one demo shown to the public at E3’s 2012, and just under five minutes of trailers, The Last of Us has already attracted so many gamer’s alike, and caught many people’s attention with it’s gripping story-line, stunning visuals, and visceral combat. The Last of Us has been nominated for Game Critics Awards 2012 in the following categories:

  • Best Of Show
  • Best Original Game
  • Best Console Game (Playstation 3)
  • Best Action/Adventure Game

After seeing this, I think it’s fair to say that none of are are the least bit surprised. Let’s give this a re-blog and a like as our own personal way of saying congratulations to Naughty Dog and everyone involved in making this wonderful game possible for us to experience! 

The Last of Us is not even out yet, but it looks like The Last of Us is already giving all the other games we already knew about a run for their money! Look out other games, you’ve got some unsuspected competition coming your way - and it’s coming with a bang.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that I simply cannot wait to play this game! And judging by the amount of hype and praise it’s receiving already, it’s going to be worth the wait, but also a bit painful! Again well done Naughty Dog for making this game possible.. Well freaking done!

Remember that The Last of Us, launches Early 2013 exclusively on PS3!

Game Critics Awards Website For 2012 Nominees: http://www.gamecriticsawards.com/nominees.html

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The “Dynamic” Duo - A Last of Us minimal T-shirt/iPhone Cover design.

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